Peyton Avrett


About Peyton Avrett

Since his youth, Peyton Avrett has grown up in the metal trades. His father, Rick Avrett, is an artisan blacksmith whose work graces nearly every street in historic downtown Charleston, SC. Peyton spent his formative years working with his father producing period correct wrought ironwork. Their work has been recognized with preservation awards by the Charleston Historical Society for its quality and period correct craftsmanship.

Peyton attended Ringling College of Art and Design and during his studies fell in love with furniture design. The skills he learned in college married with the skills he learned working with his father forged the path for his own collection of furniture. His line has grown to incorporate other designers bringing their collections to life through collaboration and a professional relationship that Peyton has grown to really appreciate and thrive on. Peyton’s working relationships with interior designers and architects across the country have produced bespoke pieces that continue to foster that sense of collaboration. His collection of work can be found in homes, restaurants and hotels throughout the country; as well as across the world, from the St. Regis Hotel in Hawaii to the St. Regis Hotel in Dubai.

“Inspiration comes easy when you live and work in a beautiful place like Charleston, SC.”

Peyton Avrett Collection

Yeadon Yeadon Dining Table DT 1912
Spur Spur Pendant P 2411
Pfeiffer Pfeiffer Chandelier C 9494
Mayleen Mayleen Wall Sconce WS 2045
Lattimore Lattimore Chandelier C 1212
Killdee-Single Killdee Wall Sconce WS 8219
Killdee-Double Killdee Wall Sconce WS 8219
Karson-Etagere Karson Etagere E 2979
Joggle Joggle Pendant P 5439
Compass-Table Compass Occasional Table OT 1745
Button Button Occasional Table OT 5427
Bopp2 Bopp Pendant P 2572
Avondale Avondale Side Table ST 6009
Beaufain Beaufain Occasional Table OT 4820
Alaura Alaura Chandelier C 1824
Alexandra Alexandra Fire Screen F 9996
Draper Draper Wall Sconce WS 4473
South-Adgers South Adgers Wall Sconce WS 8814
Society Society Cocktail Table CT 9994
Sullivans Sullivans Chandelier C 7932
Sawyer Sawyer Chandelier C 1119
Savannah Savannah Chandelier C 9005
Nettie-Darr Nettie Darr DT 4892
Dockside Dockside Wall Sconce WS 4374
Cypress Cypress Chandelier C 5502
Byrnes-Down Byrnes Downs Wall Sconce WS 6912
Bolton Bolton Occasional Table OT 6535
Mesh-Column-1 Mesh Column ME 0311 Short
Mesh-Credezena Mesh Credenza ME 0399
Mesh-Cabinet-Pedestal Mesh Cabinet Pedestal ME 0310
Crescent Crescent Fire Screen F 6565
Lattice Lattice Fire Screen F 0301
Heller Heller Fire Screen F 9872
Burgess Burgess Fire Screen F 9705
McCants McCants Bench S 5001
Gurley Gurley Mirror M 1979
Julius Julius Wall Sconce WS 1945
Tradd Tradd Wall Sconce WS 9869
Hemingway Hemingway Wall Sconce WS 4319
Wilmington Wilmington Floor Lamp FL 4659
Kingstree Floor Lamp Kingstree Floor Lamp FL 2890
Holley Holley Desk Lamp DL 4136
Earlie Earlie Pendant P 1001
Bedons-Alley Bedons Alley Chandelier C 6460
Olie Olie Chandelier C 8130
Dozier Dozier Chandelier C 4912
Adeline1 Adeline Chandelier C 2098
Jackson Jackson Chandelier C 7119
Montague Montague Chandelier C 4839
Morrison Morrison Chandelier C 6729
Presley Pressley Side Table ST 9821
Hopetown Hopetown Side Table ST 2039
Ashley Ashley Occasional Table OT 1295
Maverick Maverick Side Table ST 5845
Elizabeth Elizabeth Cocktail Table CT 6497
Port Royal Port Royal Cocktail Table CT 2738
York York Cocktail Table CT 6398
Moultrie Moultrie Cocktail Table CT 9131
Rifle-Range Rifle Range Cocktail Table CT 5796
Centure Ceinture Cocktail Table CT 6785
Sumter Sumter Cocktail Table CT 3535
Emerson Cocktail Table Emerson Cocktail Table CT 3489

Barry Dixon


About Barry Dixon

“An interior designer practicing in the Virginia countryside near Washington, DC, Barry Dixon has taken his own brand of warmly hospitable Southern design style to projects around the world. A childhood spent abroad in exotic locales such as India, South Africa & French Polynesia affords his work a singular global perspective. Barry and his work have been featured in multiple magazine pictorials (Southern Accents, Veranda, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home, Traditional Home) as well as continuous television appearances (Good Morning America and  HGTV).

The integrity of good design is determined simply by what is “appropriate.” Of course, the subjectivity of that word requires that clients align themselves with a designer who shares their vision. To me, “appropriate” involves several levels of consideration. Architecture – what works well with the bones of a space is paramount. Also important is transition, the thread that weaves its way through a home, simultaneously providing unity and flow and allowing diversion and interest. Comfort, even in the most formal areas, is mandatory, as is timelessness, a blessed attribute that straddles fad and period. Quality involves both experience and knowledge. A good reproduction can only be selected with an understanding of the original. Balance and contrast involves many elements: color and texture, heavy and ethereal, old and new. One is as important as the other. Successful design emanates a feeling, not just a look. Nuance is employed to fine tune the whole to the personality of the individual. In the best instances, the effect is a magical aesthetic harmony that is not initially surprising, at least not jolting. Upon inspection or reflection, however, the effect is cleverly unexpected, bridging past with present by bringing the best of history with us into the future.

Barry Dixon Collection

Ourisman-1 Ourisman Cabinet CB 3175
Aurturo-1 Arturo Bench S 6495
Titan-1 Titan Chandelier C 9643
Neptune-1 Neptune Chandelier C 3721
Nebula-1 Nebula Chandelier C 8625
Magnolia-Pod-1 Magnolia Pod Wall Sconce WS 7366
Kronos-Sconce-1 Kronos Wall Sconce WS 3645
Kronos-Pendant-1 Kronos Pendant P 4548
Magnolia-Pod-Side-Table-Tall Magnolia Pod Nesting Table NT 7007
Magnolia-Pod-Side-Table-short Magnolia Pod Nesting Table NT 7007
Magnolia Pod Nesting Magnolia Pod Nesting Table NT 7007
Synapse-Pendant Synapse Pendant P 1185
Synapse-Chandelier Synapse Pendant Multi P 1741
Oeuf Oeuf Pendant P 7697
Non-Crystal-Chandelier Non Crystal Chandelier C 4799
Moustique-Foyer-Table Moustique Foyer Table FT 5496
Moustique-Console-Table Moustique Console Table CNT 4041
Magnolia-Pod-Cocktail-Table Magnolia Pod Cocktail Table CT 3945
Magnolia-Pod-1 Magnolia Pod Pendant P 3761
Athena-Chair Athena Chair S 2299

Frank Ponterio


About Frank Ponterio

Chicago-based interior and product designer Frank Ponterio brings timeless design to contemporary lifestyles, balancing elegance with ease. Inspired by classic European design and architectural influences readily accessible in his hometown of Chicago, Ponterio draws on a modern classic approach imbued with individual style and personality.


Ponterio has helmed award-winning projects locally and nationally for more than 20 years, with his award-winning firm founded in 1994. He is also highly regarded for his expertise in restoring iconic architecture by such greats as David Adler, Howard Van Doren Shaw and Benjamin Marshall. In 2010, Ponterio’s first furniture collection debuted, featuring a sophisticated range of upholstered and mixed-materials pieces. In 2013, Ponterio’s line of custom, handcrafted furniture and fixtures, The Frank Ponterio Collection with South Carolina-based Avrett, launched to wide acclaim; an additional collection followed in 2016. Most recently, Ponterio joined forces with renowned fabric and furniture company Lee Jofa, a division of Kravet Inc., a fifth-generation design industry leader.


Thanks to an astute vision that ensures each result is tailored to fit exacting design needs, Ponterio has been honored with multiple first-place ASID-IL Design Excellence Awards across various categories, including historic restoration as well as residential and hospitality design. His work has garnered attention from local and national media, including Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Chicago Magazine, Luxe Interiors + Design and Modern Luxury publications including CS, Interiors Chicago and Men’s Book, as well as many others.


Educated at Chicago’s Harrington Institute of Design, Ponterio is an accredited member of ASID and holds a NCIDQ license. He is also a member of IIDA, the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art, the Leaders of Design Council and the Design Leadership Network.

Frank Ponterio Collection

Peyton Peyton Etagere E 3698
Kate-Wall-Sconce Kate Wall Sconce WS 5556
Kate-Chandelier Kate Chandelier C 2986
Isabella Isabella Andirons F 8422
Hamilton Hamilton Wall Console WC 5647
Franc Franc Chandelier C 3579
BB BB Andirons F 1247
MJ-Wall-Console MJ Console WC 1245
Sarah Sarah Mirror M 9010
Salon-Sconce-Arms Salon Sconce WS 2560A
Salon-Sconce Salon Sconce WS 2560NA
Liz Liz Mirror M6431
Erie Erie B 9960
MJ-Desk MJ Desk D 2020
Francesco Francesco C 1909
DH-Console DH Console WC 6097
Greg-Single Greg WS 1119S
Greg-Double Greg WS 1119D
David David CT 9444

Justin Giunta


About Justin Giunta

Justin Giunta is an artist that traverses many media. Painting and fashion to interior and industrial design, Giunta brings to his practice an inventive sensibility that sits on the continuum of fine art and commercial design.

Giunta’s start in jewelry design originated through lighting designs that he made upon his arrival to New York in 2001.  The collection included chandeliers and sconces comprised of plastic contractor lights on vibrant yellow extension chord, with each light cage draped in vintage chandelier crystals.  Sourcing the raw materials for the lighting lead to his first jewelry findings and subsequently to the creation of Subversive Jewelry, for which he has received international recognition for being influential to contemporary fashion.

Working with the form of sculptural narrative in jewelry, Giunta’s designs employ vintage materials and historical inspirations to create a narrative quality to each piece.

In lighting this narrative is constructed through the history of light as it is represented through art and design. Each articulated shape of lighting represents some aspect of history and nature, luxury and luminosity, either in the form of inspiration or structural composition.

Giunta’s collaboration with Avrett began in 2008 when introduced over a commissioned project. The collaboration was recently re-ignited and has taken shape through the current selection of lighting:

1. CORTO:  This fan-coral sconce is inspired by the organic forms in nature that follow the rules of the “golden ratio” present in all forms of nature.

2. KINO:  Kino is the protagonist of the John Steinbeck Novel: The Pearl.  A poor native pearl fisherman finds a pearl that proves too large and too valuable to be possessed by any one person.

3. ANUN:  There is something about the way I imagine this piece to sit in the space to be something other worldly, spiritual but not religious.  I image the silhouette of a person standing in front of the light to read much like a Renaissance painting.

4. PIRANI: Shaded chandelier and sconce with chains.  After Giovanni Piranesi, the Renaissance artist who made fantastical architectural panoramas of futuristic cities. I think the gesture and motion present in our fixture is evocative of the movement and spatial relations created by the draping chains that swoop below elongated lampshades which read upward.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Giunta has studied at several art institutions including Pratt Institute and Gerrit Reitveld Academie in Amsterdam. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a fellowship from Yale University. Justin lives and works in New York City.

Justin Giunta Collection

Pirani-Wall-Sconce Pirani Wall Sconce WS 3114
Pirani-Chandelier Pirani Chandelier C 5721
Kino-Wall-Sconce Kino Wall Sconce WS 8121
Kino Pendant Kino Pendant P 1431
Kino Chandelier Kino Chandelier C 5588
Corto-Wall-Sconce Corto Wall Sconce WS 0119
Anun-Wall-Sconce Anun Wall Scocne WS 1045
Anun-Pendant Anun Pendant P 2138

Mitchell Hill


About Mitchell Hill

Mitchell Hill is the brainchild of two creative minds, Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill. Mitchell grew up with deep roots in the south but took on the design world of New York City before returning home to develop his dream. Tyler Hill yields from the great state of Texas. Hill’s talent for lighting and furniture design helped give birth to the full-scale design services that Mitchell Hill has to offer. Hill explains, “being able to give our clients exactly what their home calls for is one of our strong suits”.

Mitchell Hill Collection

Zoe Zoe Chandelier C 2912
Verner Verner Fire Screen F 0029
Toro Toro Fire Screen F 4491
Pablo Pablo Chandelier C 7700
Nash Nash Mirror M 3344
Monterey Monterey Chandelier C 2277
Kristyn Kristyn Occassional Table OT 1991
Jessica Jessica Chandelier C 7070
Hassell Hasell Chandelier C 1991
Harper-Gold-Mirror Harper Wall Sconce WS 3399
Harper Harper Wall Sconce WS 3399
Empire-Small Empire Small Wall Sconce WS 2266
Empire-Large Empire Large Wall Sconce WS 8819
Corey Corey Wall Sconce WS 8869
Andrew Andrew Mirror M 6131